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24 February, 2015

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Ahoooj is a love story about a guy and a girl, who are in difficult phases of their relationships. The player helps them to build a new one. But most importantly is is about canoeing - a common passion in Czech Republic. As Czech development studio, Circus Atos wanted to create a game about national hobby. The game is meant to be chilled and relaxed experience taking the best of the canoeing culture. Ahoooj takes you on a journey through many well-known as well as off-the-beat canoeing sites in the Czech Republic.

The story is about a guy, who just got dumped and a girl who wants to get away from her controlling boyfriend. Together they embark on a canoeing trip. Player's goal is to evade obstacles like mosquitos or weirs and drive around nice sights to make the girl happy. If you bump too much, the girl is annoyed and the level ends. Pleasant views make her happy, i.e. she is more likely to stay on board. A comics strip about the relationship between the two is unlocked after completing each level. Both comics and levels are hand-drawn, no tiles, no procedural graphics.

The canoe is controlled very similarly as an actual one - you swipe around the boat in semicircles to turn and move it simultaneously. There is a hardcore mode as well, where players are required to control the canoe using both hands. It sounds more simple, but it isn't. Instead of monetization, you can donate to the developers in style: buy them a beer or a sausage at a takeaway, quite similar to the ones that are scattered around main canoe routes.


Ahoooj was created in Unity mainly by programmer Michal Berlinger and graphic designer Barbora Podhorská with help of external collaborators. As a hobby project, it was done on free evenings during three years. It is being published on February 24, 2015 on iOS and Android by Silicon Jelly, where Michal works full time as Unity developer. Ahoooj got an honorable mention on IGF 2015 student showcase.


  • 10 various hand-illustrated levels - nothing generated procedurally or from tiles
  • original swipe controls simulating real canoeing
  • love story told by comics unlocked after each level
  • levels are inspired by real life locations like Krumlov or Ploučnice
  • two difficulty settings


Ahoooj Trailer YouTube, Vimeo, .mp4


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (2MB)

download logo files as .zip (551KB)

Awards & Recognition

  • "IGF 2015 student competition honorable mention" Ahoooj, http://www.igf.com/2015

About Circus Atos


Circus Atos is a small independent game team based in Prague. We are passionate about creating genuine and imaginative experiences.


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More information
More information on Circus Atos, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Ahoooj Credits

Michal Berlinger
Idea, programming, production

Barbora Podhorská

Sandra Klouzová
Sound design

Adam Berlinger

Jan Netušil
Comics animation

Arnaud Mathieu

Jason Shaw

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